Organic Marketing
for the Wellness Industry

Attract new customer segments through online & offline marketing.

Search, Social, Influencers, Bloggers, Ads, Events, PR

Segment your customers and understand them better than anyone else.

Segmentation Funnels

Personalized Content

Personalize your message to speak directly to your customer's concerns.

Sales Funnel

Deliver high converting sales funnels personalized to your customer's needs.

Organic Wellness Marketing Method




Why Organic Wellness Marketing?

Organic Wellness Marketing is marketing that cares.

It listens before it speaks.

It understands where it can add value before it sells.

Your customers are different. Some come because of a health condition. Others an allergy or sensitivity. Others because they want to look, feel, or perform better.

Understand their needs. Personalize your message. Serve better.

Let's talk about what the Organic Wellness Marketing Method can do for Your Business.

Organic Wellness Marketing is part of Worth it Marketing, a marketing movement that focuses on adding value to marketing messages.

Oversight of Organic Wellness Marketing is by Benjamin Kamp who has 20 years of digital marketing, web technology, and wellness industry experience. You can learn more about Benjamin Kamp and his on-demand CTO and digital advisory services at BISVI.

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